Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Second Grade

Goofball!!! Nico is excited to start second grade. It is 90 out today, so we had to set aside the brand new jeans and long sleeve shirts for the first day. He normally would dress that warmly regardless of the weather, but he must be learning that the more layers, the hotter it can be!! Tomorrow is the first full day of school. He will ride the bus tomorrow morning. Today the parents are responsible for getting their students to class. In the years past, parents weren't showing up to orientation and so the school district changed that!! Now on the first day of school, parents must bring their student to a 45 minute orientation. The student is considered unexcused absent if they don't show up. We meet his teacher for the first time and find his desk/classroom, etc. The first year that they did the mandatory orientation, they didn't have any evening sessions and the town was in a huge uproar. They now offer evening times for parents that work outside of the home.

THANK YOU for the birthday wishes! I did have a good day. My husband works half days on Fridays. When he got home, we did a few things with the kids and then I went and got the babysitter. My husband and I headed to P.F. Chang's - YUM! We did a little shopping and then we went to Hairspray. Very cute!! Maybe a little too much music for even me, who enjoys musicals, but it was cute!! Then we headed to Cold Stone for a treat. I didn't get birthday cake, so I settled for Cold Stone. Not a bad trade!!

"The Kids" got me this...

80GB Apple iPOD

Now I can fit "everything" on that I was wanting to. My Nano wasn't holding everything!!

Joel took me out on the town! Thanks Babe!!

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Kim said...

I hope Nico has a great week. And that sound's like a great birthday weekend. You did all of my favorites. (PF Chang's, a musical, and ice cream!!)

Heidi said...

Oh my gosh, PF Changs is my favorite place to eat!! The lettuce wraps are soooo good! Nico is such a ham- I love the pictures.

The McKenzie Crew said...

OK - I think your little man is a cutie and I love your gift! I am so glad you are having fun:)


Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

We have a 2nd grader too and boy has she been surprised at how much things change from 1st to 2nd grade. We are on week 2 and she's already counting down to Christmas.