Friday, August 17, 2007

The Wes...m's

Thought I would catch you up to speed on our family!

My husband and I are back in the 21st century again! We just got back from seeing Bourne Ultimatum (sp?). It was good! I noticed a couple of goofy things: 1) The CIA's SUV was dirty and grimy in one scene and the next picture of it, it was shiny clean! OOPs!! 2) How on earth does a girl color her hair in a tiny sink, cut it and it comes out lookin' super cute!?! I shoulda been a producer!!

Sonja is walking everywhere! She is a very silly girl. Loves her dollies and is getting into books!

Nico is still into his G*meboy and St*r W*rs characters! He recently achieved his Yellow Belt in Karate! We are excited for him. He is going to start seeing a psychologist on a regular short term basis. Who knows where that will take us!?! He just got done with a three night VBS program that our church put on. It was a little too much, he has been given us tons of attitude lately, he's tired and hasn't gotten to see Dad much either! All a recipe for disaster! He enjoyed it though! It is just hell for Joel and I! OH well, onto the next thing... school!
School starts in two weeks. The summer has flown by. A week ago Nico spent some time at a rental condo my parents got. He enjoyed that! Nico is looking forward to being in the "bigger" second grade class at Sunday School. He currently is with the K and 1st Graders and thinks he's with the "babies!".

Joel is busy running the business, tearing down walls and moving items from our office. We are moving our office once again. This time we will own the property solely, but will need to find tenants to help us with our space! It is a better financial move for us. Joel continues to do drama and teach in our church.

Me, I'm trying to get through the summer. It actually has gone pretty well. I'm starting to get my itch again to work outside of the home, but I know that it is not possible or financially wise to do so at this stage of our lives! I am looking forward to a scrap weekend with a couple of friends, coming up! It's been a long time since I've done one! I occasionally hook up with a girlfriend and scrap until early morning! It is fun, but tiring!! I am looking forward to more of a structured schedule when school starts. Although, I am not looking forward to having to get up before 9am! Yikes!! I love my sleep! I continue to do a variety of things in our church.

Well that is a snippet of where the Wes...m's are at! Hope you are doing well!!

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Jenny and Matt said...

Thanks for the update! Good to hear from you!

Rindy said...

I followed your adoption journey but have been slacking glad I checked to get updates!! How exciting to be all together and making all those family memories.

Great on the martial arts--I got my taekwondo black belt 2 years ago (started in it with my guys). It's great for discipline, focus, coordination...and it's fun!! very cool!