Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rubber Ducky

I know - this picture appears to be extremely dangerous and irresponsible on my part!

I'm trying to figure out how to give this girl a bath! She was fine when she was sitting in the kitchen sink, but she is getting too big! So I switched her to this ducky and she was hesitant but didn't mind it.

I made the mistake of adding a shower hose like object to help rinse her head off and she went bazurk on me! She was screaming, I mean not breathing, but getting a scream in scream! She was clawing for me to take her out and so now I'm afraid I blew it and won't be able to use the ducky anymore! Anyone need a toddler bath?

She is not fond of bath time like Nico is. Nico still spends two or more hours in the water if we let him. He's basically a fish!

Hopefully I can figure out something soon that doesn't include me bathing with her. Just not interested in doing that every other night after I have already showered for the day!!

4 comment(s):

Alleen said...

There's another blow-up tub that's bigger and square that you might try in the bathtub... Can't remember who makes it now. I came across it when I was thinking of replacing the duck tub with something bigger. But, we were able to transition to the big tub. Will she sit in the big tub at all with some toys?

Home sweet home said...

I have no advice but just wanted to say she looks darling in the duckie !!

Heidi said...

I don't know if Sonja is there yet, but my boys are in the copy cat stage for sure. If one is doing something, the other has to be doing it too. Would it help if she watched her brother or maybe a friend take a bath? It's just a thought!!

Sarah said...

Sophie has boycotted the bath too... but all of a sudden loves showers. I started out by pulling her in with me to just get her clean, now she will play in the shower with me on the outside. Now, cries when I try to pull her out. Who knows what goes through these little ones' heads!!

Good luck! I bought the ducky too thinking it would help... luckily, just $10 down the drain... it was worth the try! Sonya is adorable!