Friday, August 17, 2007

Please accept my apologies!

I signed up for SBP's again, but didn't get any info on it, so if I'm suppose to be sending you fun filled packages and you didn't get any - I'm sorry!!

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Michelle Smiles said...

There are different groups that do SBP but if you signed up for the one that I used to do, go comment on Carla's blog and tell her you didn't get your info. She sent it out last week I think.

Crystal said...

Lori!!! I am sooo glad you are baaaackkkk!!! I have missed you!!!!!!!!! So girlie what is new with your family?!!! Has Nico started school yet?!! I have to tell you one of the first post I read from your blog was last year when Nico started school!!! You posted a picture of him--I did not even have a blog yet!!!! I can't believe it has been almost a year!!!

Hey we live in Ohio but I know there is another Kalahari in Wisconsin I think! It might be wher you are thinking of-- But I think you live close to my in-laws they live in Brooklyn Center! If we ever make it up there I would love to meet you and you family!!!