Sunday, July 22, 2007

God's Little Sous Chef!

This past weekend, some of our church leaders headed to Joel's parent's place for a leader's retreat. Joel's parents came down to watch the kids for us and we headed up Thursday evening to set up and get things ready for the next two days. Two weeks prior, I had asked our pastor who was taking care of food?! At that point, there wasn't anyone to handle it. I offered to organize it. I'll be honest with you, I walked away saying, "Oh no, what did I get myself into?!". There were 21 people signed up to come up and I don't remember the last time I cooked for that many. I cook for 4 on a daily basis, but only need food for 2 1/2!! My other fear is making something that someone will get sick from.

So I asked God for direction. I prayed for a menu, portion control (I can go a little overboard making sure there's enough!), for protected tummy's, filled tummy's and those that were being served would feel cared for and loved! Too often when I have something that seems like it could be a huge undertaking, I get crazy and snappy and concerned with everything! Not this time!! God had everything under control. I wasn't worried about anything! He had the right menu, the perfect amount, nobody got sick and every one's tummy was full!! This morning a friend came up to me and had told me that she had felt cared for and loved by how the weekend had progressed with the teachings and the food! PRAISE GOD!! He is the perfect chef! Thanks to all who pitched in and helped prepare the food!!

The weekend was amazing! The weather was wonderful and there was perfect space for us to complete everything that was planned. Kudos to our pastor for planning a great time. Too often I feel as if there is never enough time for hanging out or just chillin' with those that we serve and try to do life with! It was the perfect balance of teaching and fun! Thanks Pastor Michael!!

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Crystal said...

I love your outlook on things Lori!!! You are always sooo positive!!!!!!!! I just love you!!!!!! I am soo glad you had a good time!!!!

Hey do you want to come cook for us--I am sooo lacking in this area!!!!!!!!!!! :O)

Emily's Entries said...

That is great! Isn't God awesome!?