Monday, July 30, 2007

Can you help?- Edited

Iglesia Victoria de la Fe is an independent church located in the Victoria de Guamany neighborhood in South Quito, Ecuador. It is one of the poorest sectors in the city.

Six years ago, Compassion International extended their support after they became aware of the need of the children in this specific area, as well as the passions of these people to follow God's call. They started with 72 children ages 3 to 7, and steadily grew to what is now 275 children ages 3 to 14. Iglesia Victoria de la Fe quickly realized the need to do their part to plant God's Word in these young lives as they continue to experience growth today. My church, Quarry Community has committed to serving a long side of Iglesia Victoria de la Fe and supporting them and their ministry. I hope to travel this year with my church and serve the community of Iglesia Victoria de la Fe. I'm excited to show God's love to them. I can't do this on my own. I need you to help me. Please consider supporting me through prayer and if possible, finances. Can you help?

Please click on the Chip In button to right on my side bar and it will send you to a secure site where you can contribute to my trip and the church. Your support is greatly appreciated!!

Thanks Maxine for your prayer support! I truly appreciate it! I appreciate your genuine heart!

I'm somewhat disappointed at the lack of support from my blog buddies, but then again a lot can be said hiding behind a computer screen.

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Maxine said...

Keep us posted, Lori. I most certainly will support you with prayer. If we are ever able to help otherwise, we will. Currently, we are trying to help a couple of other folks with ministries outside of the states. God will provide and lay on the hearts of folks He has to help you, you can be sure.