Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Results!

When I was anticipating becoming a mother for the first time, I prayed for God to give us a child that was healthy and smart. I didn't define smart! :) Nico was recently evaluated by a psychologist to clarify his diagnosis of ADHD and to aid in treatment planning.

The evaluation took place in early June with him off of all of his medications. The psychologist told us that she administered several tests (i won't bore you with the names of all of them!) and found he obtained a full scale IQ score of 129 which falls within the superior range and at the 97Th percentile. He achieved a verbal comprehension standard score of 104, a perceptual reasoning standard score of 129, a working memory standard score of 113, and a processing speed standard score of 144. So in her words, his perceptual reasoning abilities are more developed than his verbal comprehension skills. I quote,"It's like talking to a 40 year old in a 7 year old body!" There were a few other scores regarding social and verbal comprehension skills, but they were in the average range.

Now in English: He's too smart for his own britches!! He is highly intelligent, but struggles with someone giving him instruction and social settings. He reads and comprehends material that an eight or nine year old could handle and his math is of what a nine or ten year old could understand. And he can't sit still!! He also can't focus on one thing, because many other distractions, such as the hum of a light bulb or a fan running or construction outside of the window is too prominent for him to set aside and focus. This information is not complete and a little broken up, but it is the gist of it all!

We return on July 9Th to talk with the psychiatrist. We are asking for your prayers for discernment regarding treatment and understanding of how we can best help him with his situation.

My wonderful friend, Peggy told me, " It is not a disability but a different- ability"! She had heard this from one of her students that she works with! Thanks Peggy!

PS. Crystal, Heidi and Kim - I will get those pictures posted as soon as I take them! :) Ginger, sorry, I didn't get any other pictures of our Spud Fest celebration. Hope you have a safe trip to GC!!

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Jennifer said...

Sounds just like my oldest son Dominic. I am so happy you were able to get into the Dr.s office. What are they planning to do to help him get accustomed to to the sensory issues? I love Peggy's comment.

Kim said...

What amazing scores Nico had!! And off meds!! You do have a very bright little boy on your hands. I'm sure you will find the right combination to help him.

Again - if you need anything - let me know. My ADHD kids were always my favorite!

Andrea said...

Well, that is good news! My sister was the same way when she was in Kindergarten. Teacher nearly held her back back she was so disruptive and a "challenge" My mom never put her on meds, but did get her in a "gifted and talented" program. It helped her focus, and she's done well ever since. I'll be anxious to hear how the next visit goes!

Alleen said...

Well, at least you have some answers. You know, I have a good friend whose son sounds a lot like Nico. He had been diagnosed with ADHD for years and finally at about the age of 12 was diagnosed with Asperger's. He too is VERY intelligent. Just can't deal with social situations and sensory stuff/personal space is a problem.

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Great scores!! I will continure to pray!!

Jane-Jane said...

Peggy was oh so correct in her encouragement. I will pray that teachers/doctors/parents will all work together so that Nico can thrive and not feel trapped in his little body.

Cheering for you!

Jane-Jane said...

Lori... I just told my husband about Nico's testing and results.... along with that he can't drowned out the background noises of life (if I interpreted it correctly.)

Jack's suggestion is that in a classroom setting having him wear a hearing aid that is designed to drowned out the background noises so that he can focus on the teacher and his studies.

I realize that we are no experts and don't know all the details of the testing and diagnosis...just our 2 cents

Andrea said...

Lori-email me. You might remember that I am an audiologist. I wouldn't recommend a hearing aid for N. based on what you know now, especially if he doesn't have a true hearing loss, but once you meet with the specialist again and have more details, there might be some suggestions that are similar to the ones we give children who have something called Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD). They have problems with background noise, so we suggest classroom strategies, seating placement, and ear plugs (not hearing aids) to help cut down on some of the distractions.

Emily's Entries said...

That is great to hear what Nico's scores are!!! What an answer to prayer! I will continue to pray!

Lots of love to you guys!

Sarah said...

Nico sounds just like my son, Grant. It is not an easy road and one that will need constant "tweaking" to make sure he is able to learn the right way. My son is in a school that specializes in ADHD, Dyslexia, CAPD and other learning differences... the progress he has made is amazing.

Good luck with your search for Nico's fit... he is so gorgeous!!