Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Little bit of this and a little bit of that...

This past weekend our town had their celebration, Spud Fest! Yes, I said Spud Fest!! We have several potato farmers in the area and so it is the potato that we celebrate!!! :-) We went to the parade on Saturday and then to the food tents and carnival. Not only did I get fried, but I broke down and had some fried cheese curds! Couldn't pass em' up! YUM!!

My husband was excited to help out by donating his time and our bucket truck to hang a sign across the highway announcing the celebration. Here are a few pix of that happening.

Sunday we went to church and afterwards we had a luncheon and then onto the baptism. Another crazy day in the 90 degree heat, but I was very good. I only ate what was allowed! Lots of fruit!! I even made up veggie packets for the BBQ at the baptism. I'm so proud of myself. After the cheese curds I could have said, "Oh I miss the junk - forget this diet!!" But I didn't! I'm back on track, veggie's and fruit.

I'm officially down 20 lbs.! I do flux during the day, but I'm only registering my weight when I wake up in the morning and this morning it said I was down 20 lbs. So I'm takin' it!

I did go shopping yesterday and found a cute capri pant and top. It is so cute, it brought tears to my hubby's eyes when he saw me in it! (he will be embarrassed that I told you that!) Oh yeah, and it was all one size smaller then I have been wearing! YYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!! Progress!!!

I think I broke my middle toe! We were at Nico's karate class today and Sonja pushed his huge water bottle off of the table and it landed on my toe. My toe is still throbbing and hurting! I will survive!

The kids got their hair cut today. Nico was angry with me because he wants it long and a mo hawk! (I really don't think he is 100% sure what he wants, because he also wants side burns!) Sonja is adorable now that I can see her eyes again!

Well that's the last few days! Adios Amigos!

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Kim said...

Good for you on the weight loss!! That is wonderful. (and can we see a picture of you in this wonderful new, one size smaller, outfit?!)

Emily's Entries said...

Aunt Lori,
Great job on losing 20 lbs. Thats awesome! My mom and I always enjoy reading your blog. keep it up!
Love you,

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Congrats on your weight loss!!! Sorry about your toe. Spud Fest???? Could we have more pics and details? Sounds interesting.

Maxine said...

Twenty pounds?!!! You go girl!!!!

Heidi said...

Congrats on the 20 lbs! You'll have to post some pictures of the haircuts- I'm sure they look cute!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Lor, I am really proud of you!!! I know how hard it is to stick with it... DO

Mommy2B said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It means alot to me to have so many "blogger" friends during this adoption journey.
I noticed your semi public rant blog on your blog list. What does one do to be able to join and rant?? LOL


Crystal said...

Lori--You go girl!!! You are down 20 pounds!!!!!!!! You go girl!!!!!!!!! I second Heidi --Can we see their haircuts --I would love to see them!! :O)

I read your last post --I am so sorry you did not find out anything--I will be praying for you --will you keep us updated?


Jenny and Matt said...

20 pounds is great Lori! Congratulations!

Carrie B said...

Great job! 20 pounds is a huge accomplishment!