Wednesday, June 20, 2007

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It is on it's way! Yes, if you said a van - you are correct!! We are getting my sisters Kia Sadona EX. It should be here tomorrow afternoon!! Whoo hoo! Finally!

We prayed about what we should do regarding a vehicle. The truck works, but it is over 105,000 miles and when parents want to ride with, they can't! There is no room for Grandma or Grandpa. It doesn't happen often, but it would be nice to fit a friend, family member or two in, instead of taking two vehicles. When I went to visit my sister in SC, they still had their van that they have been trying to sell for over two years. They try to sell and then they would take it off the market and say they were going to keep it. Back and forth with it. It is now officially sold! The transport service that we called to pick it up in SC and bring to MN, called tonight to say he would be here tomorrow afternoon! Lord willing he will actually be here! Here's a pix of it that my niece, Emily, took of it.

EDITED TO SAY: The Eagle has landed!! It made it here at approximately 1:30pm! It looks great and runs great! Nico was excited, so we had to drive around our company parking lot a couple of times to try it out. We can't remove it from our parking lot yet, because it doesn't have plates. Hopefully tomorrow we can bring it home!

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Emily's Entries said...

I'm so happy for you that it will FINALLY get there. I don't understand why it took so long but at least you are getting it today. Hope you enjoy it!

Jennifer said...

Yea!!! COngrats!!!

Cindy said...


ginger said...


Andrea said...

Congrats!! Love "new" cars!!

Can't wait to see some pictures of the fam in it!!

Stephanie Balvin said...

You'll love the Sedona, that's what we have! Congrats on the new van!

Soltana said...

Look sgood!! I bet you will all have fun riding together on trips!!!

Karen D. said...

You are going to love your Mommy Van! I love mine and Abbie isn't home yet! Thanks for your continued prayers for Abbie's adoption!

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