Monday, June 04, 2007

A couple of answered questions...

This is in response to a couple of comments left on my previous post. J - Nico's meds are all out of his system. He is doing ok, but laughs at our requests and orders. He gets angry when we start to take things or follow through with what we said we would do if he chooses not to listen, but the anger isn't nearly the rage we deal with when on meds. So the meds are causing the outrageous anger outbursts. He is back to wetting himself and his bed daily and sometimes several times. His appetite seems to be back. He is inpatient and interrupts whenever he can. Please continue to pray for Wednesdays testing and evaluation.

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Our weekend went well despite no meds. We had Samantha and her friend Stephanie over on Saturday evening. Samantha is our niece from Arizona who had the Quinceneara in December that I went to. It was very short and sweet, but it was fun to see them. We plan on seeing them next weekend before they fly back.

Thanks to all who commented on the picture of the river. That was taken in our backyard. We live on a beautiful river that flows past two sides of our land.

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Jennifer said...

Lori was he wetting himself prior to going off the meds? Rey does that too. I agree that the meds are causing a rebound affect on him. I will continue to pray. God is our great healer. Don't give up or get discouraged. Make sure you write down everything that is happening with him.

Emily's Entries said...

I will pray for Nico since he is not longer taking meds.

Mom said you wanted some pics of the black van....right now dad took it to Augusta to fix the check engine light. You can either give me your email address or I will just put them on my blog.

Jane-Jane said...

I'm praying for you guys! I'm not around blog world much these days since I am sharing my computer with Nikita and also have tons of mommy things to do... but know that ALL of you are in my prayers. How soon will they put him back on meds after the testing, and how long will it take for them to kick in?

Crystal said...

Lori--hey I will pray for you and Nico going off his meds and I will be praying for the testing.

I am convinced you are a professional photographer and we all just don't know it!!! Hee hee!!! That picture looks so professional --you go girlie!!!!

Natalie said...

I am praying for your family.

Maxine said...

Lori, I am still praying regularly for you and your family. We will entrust Nico in the hands of a Sovereign, all powerful Heavenly Father who is able to do above all that we ask or think. You have a lot of strength from what I am seeing and for that I say Praise the Lord.
I agree with Crystal. We have always enjoyed your wonderful photos. They are always topnotch.

Thanks for taking part in my Aesop exercise. Talk to you soon.

Emily's Entries said...

Aunt Lori,
I'm glad the pictures worked. Like I said in the email if you need anymore let me know.