Saturday, May 12, 2007

Grocery go-getter?

My husband and I don't own any personal vehicles. Through our electrical contracting business, we have a Tahoe, a Ford F250, five work vans and a bucket truck! I currently drive the Tahoe, but then Joel relies on a van or truck that is free for his use. We are finding out that we might have to bite the bullet and get a personal vehicle for ourselves, but I'm not looking forward to a car payment! We haven't had one in four or five years. The car seat doesn't fit in the truck and when Joel has both kids, Nico rides shotgun in the middle of the van on the floor!!! That has only happened once or twice. We try to avoid it if we can. And all the vehicles are spendy to drive. None of them are practical. With gas prices at $3.05 or higher, it doesn't make sense!

Today, Nico had a friend over. Sonja and I had to get some groceries for a get together tonight and so we had to take Joel's van so that Joel could have the Tahoe so both boys could be properly belted!

I thought this was a little funny...

I don't care to drive the company vehicles, but if it gets me from point A to point B, I can't complain too much!!

3 comment(s):

ginger said...

No car payments, that sounds great.

Emily's Entries said...

that pic of sonja is adorable! she is so cute!

how is everyone up there? anything new? how are you?

Kerry said...

I love the look on Sonja's face. She looks thrilled!

We have gas guzzlers too. If it wouldn't cost us money to get rid of them, I would.