Thursday, April 19, 2007

We're saving for therapy now!

I'm just kidding of course! Nico was very cute in his musical. Joel and I were joking when he came out onto stage with his "PINK" flower hat on that we would have to start saving for therapy now! He had a duet part that he sang in. He was suppose to be solo, but it turned out he sang with another girl - so I don't know what happened! They both did really well! Here's the video... I was too far back and had to hold my camera in the air so it is a little shaky and scratchy! AND the mic was in my way - What ya' do?! The place was packed!! We are learning the tricks - we will go earlier next year!!

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I received a surprise in the mail - Thank you SBP! I love the Spanish book!! Sonja will too!!

5 comment(s):

Maxine said...

I can't believe this!!It is tooooo cute! Wow, the things we can do online. I feel as though I was there. My daughter and I laughed and laughed with delight!

The McKenzie Crew said...

What a talented young man you have there -
He makes that hat look good!!!!!!


Natalie said...

He did fabulous!! What a sweetheart.

Beverly said...

Adorable! I needed a good laugh. He is so precious.

valerie w. said...

This is so cute! I heard you saying, "Awww..." Lori!
What a good voice he has! They are all pretty intent on being the best flowers that they can be. Next he needs to sing for church!