Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm still here!

Sonja has been sick for the past three or four days, two medications and two sleepless nights! I'm hoping the new drugs kick in and kick in fast! She is celebrating her BIG ONE on Sunday and her Dedication. I have some cute pix in the camera and Nico's debue (sp?)! He was in a musical last night at school. I'll try and load it up for you to see! Very cute!

YES - If you look at the horse picture VERY closely, there is a speck of someone's head on the other side of the horses mane, so it appears that someone is there! I don't believe that the foster family would have not made sure she was safe! She was very well taken care of!

Well my sweet Sonja is crying again - That's all she has been able to do for the past week! She is very sick!!

5 comment(s):

Natalie said...

Oh, I pray that she gets feeling much better very soon! She can't celebrate her special birthday being sick.

Maxine said...

Oh no! So sorry that sweet little one is so sick. Been there! Done that! I know what it's like. Hope she'll be up and runnin' soon and that Mom holds up!

ginger said...

Poor baby girl. Maya has been also. She is really welcoming me to the mommy world. Hope she feels better really soon.

Stephanie said...

What is she sick with?

Stephanie said...

I would love the formula! THANKS