Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Big Day!!

Today is an important day! Not only is it Easter, but it is also my husbands birthday! He isn't quite 40, but he is getting closer!! Unfortunately or Fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I will beat him to 40!!

Joel is a great husband, brother, son and Daddy! He enjoys canoeing, camping in the BWCA, woodworking and watching sports! Pretty much an outdoors men minus the hunting! He also has stepped up to be the spiritual leader in our home, something I prayed for, for five years! We are currently climbing out of a valley, but I believe with God's strength we will make it! He continues to lay his burden of struggles with our business and parenting at the feet of Jesus.

Those struggles are my same struggles. Please pray for us. Now that I am home with Sonja, I don't see the day to day operations of our business, but I still feel the stress. Parenting is another story.

We will get there though! I am grateful to Jesus for carrying my cross for me and sacrificing His life for me! Praise the King, He is alive!

I am thankful to God for my husband and all that he does for this family! He is a hard worker and he deserves a celebration daily! Even if we may not always show it all the time!! I love you babe, through it all, the good, the bad and the ugly! Happy Birthday!!

Happy Easter! Have a great Sunday!!!

PS. Happy Birthday Chris!

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Jane-Jane said...

You guys have TONS to celebrate today!

Sounds like we (my husband and I) have walked the same path as you guys in many ways.

I am 1.5 years older than Jack.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise ... 40 is not bad, especially when you look back to where you were and how Jesus has brought you to your 40th birthday! I am thankful that my warranty had not expired before God gave me a second chance to follow His path!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Joel!! I hope you had a great birthday and a blessed Easter.

Jane-Jane said...

Lori.... after reading your post on my blog... I think we might have been separated at birth.... the purpose thing is something that satan torments me with all the time: "Jane, you have no purpose, you aren't even good enough to be a parent"
To that I say blah blah blah mr. satan!
Sister, our purpose may look different then others purpose, but that is fine, cause my face looks different than theirs too!
I have found my purpose through volunteering... saved me TONS in money for schooling! And most of the purposes that God has for us don't require schooling, just love for others!

ginger said...

Happy Birthday Joel!!! Hope all of you had a great day.

Stephanie said...


The McKenzie Crew said...

WOW - The good guys are hard to find - looks like we both got one!!!

Happy birthday and I pray that this will be the year of plenty for all of you! I pray that God will multiply back to you both each ounce of love, kindness and support you have given to others. I pray that this is the beginnig of great sin every area of your life - even finances!! The year of increase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Joe:):)


The McKenzie Crew said...

I meant great things - not great sin:):)


Anonymous said...

I concur that, yes, Joel is a world class brother!!!!! Happy Birthday, yesterday... I was thinking about you ...

Jenny and Matt said...

Happy birthday Joel!

Maxine said...

How sweet!
I'm sorry I missed this. Happy belated birthday to Joel. Lori, it was so nice to read about your dear hubby. Sounds like a winner!
Nico and Sonja are blessed.

bodegalee said...

Happy Bday Joel!!

And Lori, so sorry, think I flaked on our last email conversation - I can write ad nauseum sometimes and then cant write for days due to scheduling stuff. I know I still need to get back, but if for some reason I dont, remember my email address... would love to chat as I think we've got a few things in common!! We're in the process of ripping up our place in an attempt to have all done by the time Andrew arrives so I've been a bit scattered and chaotic! Take good care and talk soon :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!! Happy birthday, Joel !! You share your birthday with Derek. Yes, we now have an official teenager!! He's loving playing school baseball. It is new to us as he's always only played summer ball. Kinda funny, but there is snow on the fields yet! Our Easter egg hunts were inside this year! Happy belated BDay!!

Shelly B.