Sunday, February 11, 2007

Where's Daddy?!

Oh boy! We got some pics without Daddy in them! Oh, don't worry, he wasn't far from her!!

She tries to get as close as possible! Joel is ready to be done with the "velcro baby syndrome". He'll survive!

Today was a good day! We all slept in until approx. 9:30am. We missed the wonderful breakfast buffet, but had a nice lunch at Champions in the Marriott! After leaving lunch, I asked Joel if he wanted to see the Marriott pool area and started walking towards it. On our way, we met up with a new couple who, of course, was also adopting. They didn't have their little Princesa yet, but will meet her tomm. This is their first visit. We got to talking and decided to have a beverage down by the pool cabana. (Yes, the Marriott pool is done and open and is beautiful!!) Mucho Nice!! We ended up talking with Sean and Tammy for approx. two hours. We had a great time! They are from PA. We hope to meet up with them before we leave, so we can meet their sweet Elena!

That's the really cool piece to adopting. You meet and talk with so many people in the same situation as you! We have never met Tammy or Sean before, but we hit it off and had a great afternoon.

This noon we ran into Natalie and her family. They were in the lobby of their hotel waiting for a driver to take them to Antigua today. We are hoping to hookup with them on Tuesday. Natalie is another blogger buddy of mine! We actally were walking to their hotel (only two blocks away -not even) and accidentally walked past the front door and turned around to find it, when I saw Natalie in the window. She was mouthing and pointing to me (Lllllooooooooooorrrriiiiii). It was funny! Can't wait to meet them again!

Megan, Brian and Mckenzie are yet to be seen! I hope that we can hookup with them Tuesday. Brian isn't feeling well now - please pray for him! He has what Megan had. Pray for Mckenzie that she is spared of whatever it is. I feel so bad for them.

Tomorrow morning will be early! We have our Embassy appointment, so we will have to try and get to bed early tonight! It was a fun day today!

4 comment(s):

Andrea<> said...

I am so happy for you! I am thankful that you are having such a great trip!!

Natalie said...

So much fun to see you today. Can't wait to get together again so we can spend more time chatting!

Good luck tomorrow and congratulations!

ginger said...

Good luck in the morning. I love the pics. Keep them coming.

Kerry said...

You're just trying to rub it in aren't you??? Now you get to hang out with Cameron's in-laws??? Give Bella lots and lots of sugar from her fiance!