Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Last Day...

Well it is our last day in Guatemala for a long time! We hope to return some day with Sonja, but who knows when that will be. Other adoptions? Who knows...if God leads us we will follow...and just as He has taken care of the cost of this adoption, He would come through for another if it is really where He wanted us.

Our flight is very early, but we are already checked in. We were able to do that at the American office over at the Marriot - which is sooooooo nice! Now we don't have to wait in any lines! Yeeeehawww!

Please pray for us as we travel. Sonja still has a icky nose, I have an itchy throat and have been coughing and my husband is just fine! Please pray that tomorrow is uneventful and goes without a hitch!

Today we had the pleasure of visiting with Natalie and Bella. Bella is even cuter in person! When we went to their hotel, Kennedy and Bella had tummy aches, but seem to be much better! Thank goodness!

What an awesome time we have had. My visit trip and this trip were amazing! I feel so fortunate to be the receipient of this beautiful gift from God and to enjoy Her country a couple of times!

Can't wait to come back sometime..

Next post.....US soil!

Adios Amigos and Guatemala!

Oops, I almost forgot!

Happy Valentine's Day (Tomm.) to all of you from our little sweet heart (and us)!

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Kerry said...

Travel prayers coming your way. I can't wait until you're home and can post a picture of the WHOLE family!

ginger said...

Praying for your safety. Can't wait to see the homecoming pics.