Friday, February 09, 2007

Great night!!!

I'm so proud of our Sonja! She slept last night, only getting up twice for a bottle and a booty change!!! (and really it can be concidered once, because we should have given her more bottle before putting her down) (She only got up, shortly after going down because she was still hungry!) So thankful!!!

We were suppose to hookup with Megan, Brian and Mckenzie today for lunch, but Megan emailed and said that she has got the flue or ate something that her system didn't like! Please keep her and her family in her prayers, that it is only a food thing that she can overcome very quickly!!!

We hopefully will be in Antiqua tomm. I'm waiting for the driver to call back. The driver I had last time, is unable to do it, so he is going to hook me up with someone else. He should be calling soon.

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Kim said...

I'm so glad you had a good night! I hope you have a great time in Antigua.

Maxine said...

This is all so wonderful! I have been away from computer a couple of days. I am so thrilled to see these last posts and see what God is doing there! I feel like jumping up and down! Thanks for taking the time out in your busy schedule to comment at my place. We are fine here, just cold, but the water main break was a few miles away. God bless you all and keep those pictures coming!

Jenny said...

Have fun in Antigua!

Carrie Balvin said...

Lori! I want to see you guys! I am so thankful that you can come and pick up Sonja! I will be in Antigua tomorrow too! We should meet. I am going to try to find a phone number for your hotel. Otherwise you can call me on my leader's phone number, which is 5504-1672. I will try to call you too! I hope we can connect.

ginger said...

Glad that you had a good night.

Anonymous said...

Sooooooooo glad night no. 1 went so well. Yay!! She knows you two are her mom and dad already and is being good for you. So is her big brother. He just looked at all the pix and off he went again. He thinks her bunny butt is cute!!
All's well here. Gramps Al got to Mex. just fine. Mom W. called. All's well on the Miss.
Sonja is such a little cutie pie. How could you two have two such beautiful children. They must not be Norwegian or German. ha!!
Nico wolfed down his spag. tonight. He says I make the best. Yeh, Prego from the jar. Real difficult.
All for now. Love from us here in the hinterland. Brrrrrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

What! No Edwin??? Your tour won't be the same without him... Glad last night went so well!!!

Chris Good said...'s REALLY Happening! Amazing!