Saturday, January 20, 2007

Six weird things about me!!

I've been tagged by Megan (Mckenzie's Mommy) to list six things that are weird about me!

1. I have a huge fear of snakes! When we moved to our home back in 99' we saw a six foot bull snake crawl across our front sidewalk and curl up into a bush! My "strong snake fighting" husband, wrangled it and through it into the river!

2. I have drank green olive juice from the jar, but haven't in a looooooonnnng time, because I don't think it's that healthy for a person?!

3. Occasionally have had french fries dipped in mayonnaise, but again, haven't in a looonnnng time because of a health factor or something like that!!?!

4. When I have grilled cheese sandwiches I dip them in ketchup and my family thinks I'm weird for doing that!

5. I'm a perfectionist and will rip up a card that took me two hours to make if I messed up and it didn't turn out like I wished it to!

6. I still pick at my zits, like I did when I was a teen and end up with huge red spots on my face until they heal!

So there ya' have it! I'm officially a member of the weird class!

I tag Stephanie Balvin (Day by Day), Margaret Brown (Random Thoughts) and Michelle from (Michelle Smiles)

4 comment(s):

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

Hey that grilled cheese dipped in ketchup thing is a midwestern thing...My whole family did that.


Andrea said...

I do that too- grilled cheese in ketchup. YUM. I don't like ketchup on my fries all that much, but give me a grilled cheese and it's all over! :)

Stephanie said...

Oh man, this will probably take me a couple days! I hear you on the snakes thing- yuck!

Crystal said...

Hey you--Thank you so much for you comments on my blog!!! I am waiting for PINK for you and I can't wait until I am posting comments on your blog --crying because you have Sonja forever!!! hugs!!!!!!!!