Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Out and About!

We went out and about again. We went for a much longer walk. We crossed an amazingly crazy street, but made it both ways just fine! We ended up at the mall which has tons of North American goods in it!! We stopped for a Nutella Crepe and headed back. I had to get a pix of GAP for my sister, Janet. She works there in the states. Janet, you could always transfer to Guat. if you wanted?!!

We are standing in front of the Camino Real Hotel just down the street from our hotel. We had to check it out, we heard that it was a very fancy place! It was beautiful inside and out!!

We came back to the room to rest up a little and feed Sonja. We found out that she enjoys blogging like her mommy! I'll have to keep tabs on the content of her page though!!! : )

Sonja is standing and does a little crawling. Tia(Aunt) Dana caught her pulling herself up and standing by the chair.

We had a great day on our little adventure!

Did I mention that we are out of PGN!?!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, the picture of her standing by the chair is precious. Good thing Tia Dana saw her do it so you could snap a quick one. She is so adorable. I have almost melted my computer pages staring at her pics so hard. Soaking in every inch of her. It sounds like all is going very well now. We are so grateful and thankful. Enjoy these last two days with her.
Love to you three, Abuela/MOM

Steph said...

Lori, I just found your blog through Megan, Mackenzie's mom. I am so happy for you that you are out of PGN!!! I think our baby girls were born on the same day - my daughter is also 8 months and 3 weeks old today (born 4/16 - Easter Sunday). We're hoping to get out soon too. I'm sending prayers that Sonja's grieving passes soon also. Congratulations on your PGN surprise!!!!!! :-)

Holly G. said...

Yippiee!!! I missed that one!!!

ginger said...

Yahoooooo!!! I am so excited for you. Your little angel is a living doll.

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Maxine said...

Wow! So much is happening. I am so happy for you dear blog friend. She is so unbelievably precious. Such a cutie. I cannot wait to see your blog posts after you bring her home. Will keep you all in prayer.