Saturday, January 06, 2007


Well I'm not in Guatemala yet, but will be in ONE DAY!! I'm still packing and doing laundry!

Thanks to my husband who has been extremely supportive of this trip!

Thanks to my blog buddies who have encouraged and sent treasures!

AND Thanks to my friends who have gone out of their way to help with my responsiblities at home, for sharing or allowing me to use something of theirs to make my trip that much better!

I am so grateful that God has orchestrated everything and has through family, friends and blog buddies made this trip happen!

Adios Amigos! Til' next time in Guatemala!!

7 comment(s):

ginger said...

I am soooo excited for you. I can't wait for you to get your hands on your little angel. Have a safe trip.

Kim said...

Have a great and safe trip. We can't wait to hear all about it!

Jenny and Matt said...

Have a great time!

Kerry said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Crystal said...

LORI--BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS YOU WILL PROBABLY BE IN GUATEMALA!!!!--hopefully you will be reading this with Sonja in your arms!!!! I just wanted to tell you I am thiniking about you!!!--I am so happy for you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

God Speed, Lori and Dana. Big hugs, kisses and lots of love to our new precious granddaughter.
Love, MOM

Andrea said...

I'm hoping you're in Guatemala RIGHT NOW! I can't wait to get an update. It's going to be an amazing time!!