Sunday, January 21, 2007

A different kind of "culture"!!

I thought my readers would enjoy some "culture"!! You would not typically find me at a Monster Truck Jam. Maybe, when I was a kid! Our friends invited us to go with them and we did have a good time. It was loud, but fun!! Our boys really enjoyed it! Like my dad use to always say, "Ya' seen one, ya' seen em' all!" (I probably won't find myself at one of these again, but you never know!) Never say, Never.....

My husbands most favorite part of the evening! Watching the big Cat's move dirt and objects!!

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shelly b said...

You won't believe this, but, the one thing we've chosen to take Todd's son (our nephew Jeff) to; along with Derek and Craig of course, is Monster Jam in Fargo this coming Feb 3 !!! what a coincidence. We needed to do something fun to get our minds off of everything. Things will be ok... time will heal... memories will never be taken.. We've made a TON of them Lor, had a lota fun! Miss U .. Shelly b.