Sunday, December 31, 2006


And No I'm not talking about the New Year!!! Although I'm excited to celebrate with our neighbors tonight, my mind continually scrolls over to my trip to Guatemala!!


I'm very excited, but yet concerned! Oh yes, I am laying my worries all at Jesus' feet, but it's OK if I share them with someone!

Sonja's clothes are sorted.....check!

Sonja's room looks like a tornado went through it, but it is a very organized mess right now!!

The voice recording photo frame and picture have been put together and packed for Sonja.......check!

This cool little photo frame will allow us to record our voices for Sonja.

Tickets are booked, travel insurance bought and hotel booked......check!

My responsibilities at church, work and home have been covered.....check!

The video camera is pulled out, dusted off and tested.........check!

Stamp pads and paper are packed to capture Sonja's foot prints and hand prints.......check!

I'm probably half way to being ready for Guatemala. My sister-in law, Dana, is so gracious in giving of her time and sacrificing time away from her family to join me on this journey. Thank you "O" Family!!

I'm praying that my "traveling tummy" situation, isn't an issue, that my husband has strength to make meals at home after a long day of work and not fall prey to the ever so tempting McDonald's EVERY night (otherwise they might have a tummy issue), that Sonja isn't scared and struggles leaving her Foster Mom who she has been able to attach to for the last eight months, that God orchestrates a beautiful time for us to bond and that she won't forget, that I will remember what it's like to care for a little one again and not forget anything that she might need, that the Foster Mom and I can bond and that I can clearly communicate my appreciation to her for her sacrifice.

I'm really concerned about the "giving her back" moment. The moment when I need to say a temporary goodbye to her. Fellow adopting bloggers have had to endure this moment and it's not fun. It's one of the hardest parts in the whole process. Please pray that God prepares my heart and washes me with peace.

Now to actually pack and start thinking about what I need while in Guatemala. Just a few minor things to pick up, finish organizing our company party (is on Friday) and try to straighten this house up a little so that my husband isn't left in a mess!

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ginger said...

Lori: You will have a great trip with your daughter. Everything will just fall into place. I will start now praying for you and the give back moment. It is hard but you can do it. Just give her back knowing that it is only for a very short time. Just enjoy her and try not to think of that. Where are you staying and how long?

Kim said...

You are going to have a great time. I can't wait to hear about your trip. Giving her back will be hard - but it's worth it! Have a great week!

Crystal said...

Lori--Ok now the important question Will you be blogging from Guatemala? hee hee!!!!!

I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God for this trip!!!! I will praying for you about giving her back!

Crystal said...

hey I can't find your e-mail address --Can you e-mail me? Thanks!!

Lori said...

Thanks everyone! I will be at the Marriott from the 7th - the 14th!

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

The only advice I have is-don't blog until you get back. The last time I visited I was always blogging trying to keep everyone up to date with photos. And then when I got on the plane I wished I'd have just watched her sleep instead of blog. I'm pretty sure we'll be staying at Marriott too and will be there when you are. Email me at and we can meet up. You are from the Midwest like me and I'm always up to meet someone from the Midwest.