Thursday, November 16, 2006

I need to work for Google!

There are several companies that offer Adoption benefits. Google offers adoption expense reimbursement up to $5000, plus parental leave and ability to use paid time off. Unfortunately when you own your own company, there is nobody to offer these benefits to you!! We do get paid for our time off and we are able to receive the $10,000 tax credit. Don't get me wrong, we are blessed, but $5000 towards expenses could help an adopting family enormously!

On another note...My in-laws and I were discussing the expense of adoption and where we are at. My cute adorable Mother-in law asked, "Has the church passed the hat for you yet?" Oh man! I had to laugh, she was serious, but I thought it was cute. I hadn't heard that term in a looooonnnnnng time and I don't think I have seen that done since I was a kid! (I think it's a "Luturin" habit - dontchya know!!)

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