Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wanting to adopt?

Lutheran Social Services of MN is where we chose to go to for assistance in bringing our children home. Why LSS? They have been placing children for over 140 years. My mother-in law, myself, Nico and soon Sonja have all been placed through them. They also assisted in the search for my biological mother. Those are the main reasons. You need to decide for yourself and pray about where you want to start the process. There are several agencies out there and it can be overwhelming. My advice is to "interview" them before signing on with them. Most agencies will meet with you and discuss your concerns or questions before having you sign an agreement with them. Once you have signed an agreement, which usually includes payment, you then are not allowed to start another process through another agency. You need to stay with the same agency or break your connection and then move on. Check the internet for advice on adopting and how to adopt. There are several documents or write ups on this topic. Talk with neighbors, friends and family who have gone through the process. Surf the adoption blogs and read up on their stories and experiences. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer. Leave a comment!

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Maxine said...

Hi Lori,
I agree. Most agencies will work with you and really help you. We went to an agency called Children's Home Society (NJ) for our first adoption and Bethany Christian Services for our second. Both are great. Bethany is a
Christian organization and are working hard to save babies in the womb. They also do international adoptions.
Hope you are well. Will continue to pray for Sonja.