Friday, September 29, 2006

Praise God!

Thank you for your prayers. Below is a copy of the post that was found this afternoon on the Guatadopt website that we frequent to find out information on the Guatemalan Government and the adoption process. From what I understand, the order or protocol to have adoptions halted in Guatemala has been withdrawn for now. The Guatemalan President and First Lady do not agree with international adoptions and have historically tried to get them stopped. Here's the excerpt:

{Posted on behalf of Susana Luarca, Asociacion Defensores de la Adopcion}

President Oscar Berger withdrew the executive orders that he planned to approve this weekend "to celebrate the Children’s Day" , October 1st. The abuse of power that he intended to do by-passing the Congress to pass the Protocol of Good Practices, which is the same UNICEF law of adoptions, and reinstate the Hague Convention, was halted by the same Congress, who warned him of the consequences of usurping the legislative power.

That Berger denied to the DOS that his intentions were to suspend adoptions and take them over by his wife who directs the Secretary of Social Welfare, was expected. He also lied when he said to the press, that Kofi Annan, General Secretary of the United Nations “told him that if Venezuela gets a seat in the Security Council, there will be trouble”. Annan denies having said that to Berger.

The positive part of this experience is to see that the legal system works and that we are working under the protection of the law. The rights granted by the Constitution to the mothers to relinquish their children, to the children to be adopted and to the lawyers to work on adoptions cannot be taken away, by any law or international treaty, not even by the President of Guatemala.

The next step will be to set the record straight with the people at the PGN. We have waited too long to hold them accountable for all their delays, their rejections without legal grounds and their abuses of power. The thorough review of the adoption files is their duty, to verify the legality of the process. But when the files are rejected for no reason or when the review takes not the three days that they should take, but more than a month if they are rejected and much more if they are approved , it is time to make use of the legal actions that the law supplies for cases like these and file criminal charges against them. The worst enemy of an abandoned child is time. The time that a child spends without the love of a family, hurts the child in more ways that we can think of. If the PGN does not care for the children, we have to make them to care. If we don’t do it, we will be as guilty as them.

Best regards,
Susana Luarcar>Asociacion Defensores de la Adopcion

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Maxine said...

Thanks be to the Lord for this! Now we will continue with prayers that will bring Sonja safely home to you.

Christopher said...

Amen and Amen