Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Here is an explanation of the PGN process. PGN stands for Procuraduria General de la Nacion. It is similar in function to our Attorney General's office. The PGN is responsible for assuring that all legal process conform to the Guatemalan law. Each time your file goes to PGN, the reviewers have to write a legal opinion about the adoption case. The opinion can either be favorable or negative. If it is favorable that is what many call "PGN Approval" and it means the attorney at that point can write the final adoption decree which the birth mother signs to finalize the adoption. If it is a negative opinion, the PGN must state the legal basis for their negative recommendations. These are usually referred to in Spanish as "Previos" and mean "Prior or Before" Documents which receive a previo must be corrected (kicked out of PGN) prior to PGN issuing a favorable opinion. Once the attorney makes the corrections, he resubmits your file to PGN. It goes back to the same reviewer who will look to see if the attorney corrected whatever issues were identified the first time. If the prior issues are resolved, then the reviewer will issue a favorable opinion ; however it is possible that the reviewer will rule that corrections submitted do not resolve the issue. It is also possible that the reviewer will find a new problem with the additional documents and will issue a second negative recommendation or previo. Generally for the second review only newly submitted materials will be reviewed, but nothing prohibits PGN from reviewing all of the information in the file a second time. So NO PREVIOS! Please continue to pray for our attorneys in Guatemala and the up and coming PGN process.

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Gayle and Paul said...

Hi Lori,
I came across your blog looking for other adoptive families. Sonja is just adorable!
My husband and I are in PGN also. We have been in since March, with one previo, and were resubmitted last week. We are hoping this will be it.
I hope you guys have a speedy process. All of these children deserve to be home with their forever families as soon as possible.
Our blog is Bensjouneyhome. Take a look.
Take care and here's to a quick process!