Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fire Hall Freebies!

Our company recently acquired a job at our local fire hall and my husband went to check it out this afternoon. Upon inspection of the job and progress, he found out that they were going to be ripping out and throwing away some nice plantings that were planted in the landscaping. My husband asked if he could take some and so, despite the heat today, he took out his shovel and dug out what he could. We decided to place them in front of our pole building.

My husband has been working hard to beautify our pole building that has been sitting for 7 years without any greenery around it (except for weeds ;))! Thanks babe for asking and for planting!

Our neighbors Grandmother also gave us some Day Lilies. I can't wait until they bloom big and beautiful next spring! Thanks BL Fire Hall and Grandma for the freebies!
Here are a few flowers growing already! Take a break and enjoy God's creations around you!

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