Sunday, July 23, 2006

"A Dangerous Situation!"

I heard that statement recently after having my wedding ring inspected. Nico and I headed off to the local jewelry store to find out if he had a winning egg that was tossed to him in recent weekends Spud Fest parade and Riverfest parade. Upon entering the store a sales lady approached us and took our eggs. She then asked if I wanted my rings cleaned, I thought, it's free why not! Upon inspecting my rings and only cleaning one, they returned to me and stated that I had two missing prongs and three bent prongs on my wedding set. I was told that I had a dangerous situation and that I should consider having them repaired. I kindly stated that I needed to double check with my husband first and would come back if he agreed to it. In the mean time, we didn't win the $500 diamond stone, but received a $5 jar of cleaning solution. I walked away thinking, come on people, my wedding set is very sentimental to me, but let's keep things in perspective. First of all, it's not a dangerous situation, its unfortunate! Yes, I would be very sad if I lost a portion of my wedding set, but it certainly wouldn't be the end of the world!!

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