Monday, April 03, 2006


The ladies and I had a fun evening of scrap booking and chatting. There were eleven of us that came and went throughout the day. This Friday I get to have another fun filled evening at my guessed it, scrap booking! My QSM Youth Group Girls are going to be coming over to scrap with me. I am currently working on a book for my wonderful husband. Growing up, he had a fun time and working hard to achieve the title of Eagle Scout. As most of you know, trying to get Eagle before the required age, is a tough thing to do. He is proud of that achievement, as he should be. So I am memoralizing the pictures and items that he received during that time. I hope to be able to work on it Friday a little bit, but don't anticipate getting too much done. My goal Friday, is to teach these girls one of my favorite past times and hope that they can continue it for themselves and for their families in the future. I anticipate a great time. I hope the same for them!

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margaret said...

What an awesome idea! Scrapbooking can be an expensive habit at times but the finished product is so worth it. Looking back through some of my scrapbooks (from only a year and a half ago) reminds me of precious things with my kids that I probably would have forgotten if it wasn't for my journaling! Good for you for getting these girls started on a hobby that will last a lifetime!