Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spring Fever

It's spreading very quickly! Fellow bloggers have talked about seeing the first Robin, cleaning every corner of their house or dreaming of being at the lake and swimming in the warm water. I admit, I had Spring Fever over a month ago. I couldn't stand it and the first warm day, despite the chill in the air, I managed to put our comforter outside to air out in the fresh Spring (or should I say Winter?!) air!! It was the best nights rest I've had in a long time! The fever is spreading and my son has got it. This afternoon he came in from being outside with a baseball, baseball glove and his bat. "Maaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwm can you come out and play some ball with me?" Oh boy - I have spring fever, but it is still 35 degrees out and their is snow on the ground!! "Ok, let me get some things set out for dinner and I will be right there!" We had a fun quick game of baseball, crunching through the snow and trying really hard to find a white ball in the white snow! Happy Early Spring, only one day away!!

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Audra Charlebois said...

Hi Lori,

Totally unrelated to your blog - I have a question for you.
Do you happen to have an elephant stamp in all of your scrapbooking materials? We need one for KidStuf, but before heading out to buy one I thought I'd ask you first. It would need to be small - small enough to stamp on a thick rubber band.
Please let me know! Thanks! :)


Audra Charlebois said...

Yes, it's for the next KidStuf, but I think 3x3 might be too big!!! The idea is to stamp a rubber band and then give them to the kids as they leave to wear around their wrists as a reminder of the day's lesson - "Stand like an elephant." :) I guess maybe we could just stamp their hands if we couldn't find a smaller one somewhere...???
Thank you so much for checking...I'll let you know if your stamp could be used. Thanks!


Lori said...

Thanks Audra - I would need approx. 7 days to get the stamp in, or at least the one i'm thinking of. There is also a stamping store in Big Lake, called The Stampin' Place - it is across Hwy. 10 from the lake in town. They would most likely have one and in different sizes. I also have ink pads, that are kid friendly. I sell a tattoo kit and the ink pads are in that - you certainly could use that if that would be helpful!