Thursday, March 30, 2006

Scrappin' Eve

It's the evening before the big Scrap Extravaganza!! I don't have everything done that I wanted to. Oh well! I have a legitimate excuse. Our basement was just sprayed with mud and a technique called knock down was applied to the walls. WHAT A MESS! I want this construction to end!! I know, it will soon. My wonderful husband saved the Scrappin' evening! He took today off of work and stayed home to clean the entire basement and stairways, so that the ladies and myself can scrap the night away. It took him all day! What a guy!! I love ya babe! Thank you so much. I'm sure that the ladies coming over will appreciate it as well, even though there socks might get a little white from the floors - oops! Hopefully they won't mind?! I'm excited for tomorrow. Kick off is 12 noon, can't wait!

2 comment(s):

mesha said...

sounds like fun!

Marty & Mary Beth Scherr said...

Joel is awesome! Lori, thanks for having the ladies over. I know that Mary Beth will enjoy it.

- Marty