Monday, January 09, 2006


Yesterday, our Associate Pastor, Brenton Balvin, spoke on patience. By the way - he did a great job on it. I think that it did touch everyone in the room on some level. My husband and I were invited out to Perkins by some friends after church. So we drove to Perkins, to find that none of the friends that we were hooking up with were not there yet. The line to get a table was packed full. My husband got inpatient and said let's skip it and go somewhere else, I don't want to wait. I associated yesterday with when you get something new, or newer to you, such as a car, you notice everyone on the road with that same car! I was noticing the inpatients in everything yesterday, not just in my husband, but in myself...hopefully I never forget or at least if I do, I'm quicky reminded.

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QueenBee said...

Patience. It's a lifeline for people waiting to adopt but I think I keep wrapping that lifeline around my own neck. ha ha

QueenBee said...

Hi Lori! I love the picture! I've also added a link to your site from mine!