Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Game Over!

So here I am - the game is over......It was kinda fun though! (I left a comment on Chad's blog with my blog info.)

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- e - said...

Yes! It was bound to happen! Glad to find you online and hear some of Lori's lines. And by the way, Ever After is one of my all time favorites, as well. (= See you on Sunday! (=

Chris Good said...

Bout comment on all of we can comment on you! :) In all reality thanks for sharing!

Lori said...

-e- and Chris - Thanks guys!

John Torkelson said...

I know I have known for a while, but have been haven't gotten around to commenting. I love your honesty and openness! Thanks for letting us in!!!
P.S. I know my last entry on my blog sounds pretty bleak for those in their 30's. I was trying to be funny while dealing with some stereo-types that some young people have about the big 30 that is luming in my future. I hope you weren't offended. If I can be as fun as you are in my 30's I have nothing to worry about.

welch said...


You know, you can always make this one public and start a new private blog for your seedier side. ; )

It has been great getting to know people from our church even more through the blogs and I look forward to hearing what you have to say.


Lori said...

John - Thanks, I did know you were kidding! We have talked alot about age! I still think it's great that the CC Leaders think I was 26!

Chad - Thank you! I don't know that I would have too many other things to put on that blog! ;) mmmmmm........I'll have to think about it!