Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Could it be?

My husband and I found out yesterday that my chest x-rays came back completely clear! Praise God! Here's the twist, my doctor says that if my mantioux was positive and my chest x-rays negative, then my reaction to the mantioux means that I have been exposed to TB. I then need to still be on medication for 9 months just in case I have an inactive TB spot in my body. So I am being medicated just in case and I am concidered NON-contagious because I have no symptoms. My doctor is not willing to sign off on my health certificate unless she is able to attach an addendum to it, stating the specifics of my test. We are waiting to find out if Guatemala will accept that or not. The acceptance will determine if we can move forward in the adoption or not. Where did I possibly be exposed? My only options that the Doctors think is Colombia or Ecuador. Please do not let that scare you if you plan on traveling to either of these places. TB is an easy treatable desease, if caught right away. A mantioux is a easy test to take. Colombia and Ecuador are two beautiful countries and I would travel back in a heart beat! So my husband and I were discussing this whole issue and out of frustration, confusion, anger, etc. I stated, "It hurts to think that the only reason I may have gotten this, is because I was helping, serving and fulfilling someone else's needs." (Yes - in Colombia we were giving, but we got back so much more. I guess that I can say the same with Ecuador. We were truly blessed to experience that.) Then a thought came to my husband, "could it be that this is how Jesus felt when He had done so much for so many and yet He was mocked, beaten and nailed to a cross.?!" "Could it be that He felt betrayed and unloved as He blead and died for us.?!" We are sure that He felt much more and His pain is not even measurable to the confusion and pain we have today. I'm sure that He cries out every time we look away or ignore what He wants us to do. Have you heard God's voice today?

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QueenBee said...

Lori, we are praying for you and your family. God's hand is in this and you will you get the perfect child He has already picked out for you. I love the comparison of Jesus on the cross - that really touched me. You and your husband have beautiful hearts. Merry Christmas.

Lori said...

Thank you so much, Cindy! You and your husband have been a blessing to me, a source of support! What a small world we live in!