Monday, November 07, 2005


Today I'm a little overwhelmed. I haven't yet been able to sit down and start the dossier paperwork. Things pop up from all over. Life happens and my day winds up being totally different then what I had planned. It overwhelms me when my house is a mess, my child throws yet another loop in his attitude, my husband needs to be gone for a meeting and those that said they would promise me something, haven't followed through on their word, I get a little overwhelmed. I know that this day will pass and things will be better tommorrow, but in my moment I'm frustrated. I guess this is why I'm blogging, it gives me a chance to get whatever it is off my chest that I need to and it floats to cyberspace and is forgotten. I know that tomm. will be better, it's a brand new day! I know that all things happen for a purpose and I fail my friends who I've promised things to as well. Life is such a circle! Thanks for reading!

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