Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Our Story....

Just as I promised, here is the rest of the story regarding my comment from an earlier post, that read, "Adoption really isn't just a story, in my life, it has become a lifestyle!" By the way...November is National Adoption Month and this Saturday coming up is National Adoption Day, thought you'd like to know! Ok, back to our story. When I was 5 weeks old, my adoptive parents welcomed me into their home. They tell me that they had traveled to the agency to talk with a worker. They then signed some papers, put their name on a list, and returned home to wait for "the call". They received the call in October of my birth year. I grew up in a loving family and new that I was a gift from God. when I reached my 20's, I met my future husband, who's mother is also adopted. Early on in our marriage, we found out that we were unable to have children naturally, so we turned to adoption. We were fortunate enough to bring home a baby boy from Colombia. Since then, I have been curious about my beginnings so I started a search for my biological mother. Even though she feels it best not to meet face to face, she was willing to communicate via the social worker. I was able to learn much about my beginnings. The threads of adoption continue in our lives as we await the arrival of a little girl from Guatemala. We are anxious to meet her and welcome her into our family. Adoption always reminds me of what God has done for each of us who have asked Him into their hearts. God has accepted us as His child, just as my post headline reads....Ephesians 1:5-6 God wants all of us to accept Him and to be apart of His family.

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