Thursday, May 20, 2010


We are winding down the time before we leave for Sioux Falls. Joel has been commuting back and forth since February. His mind and body are already adjusted to Sioux Falls. He's anxious to get his family down there and become one again.

I don't blame him. I'm beginning to feel a little disconnected from him. It has been four months, after all! I also am still in Minnesota mode. I still see and talk with our friends on a regular basis. Pulling away is a little bit harder for me. As much as I am ready to be a family again, I'm sad to say "see you later" to amazing friends!

On Sunday, we plopped down in the area of church that we normally sit. Nothing was different, except that the band was missing. It was a one musician Sunday! (Paul did a great job, but I'm use to the band playing). I get it though - it was intentional.

It was a very good message. Our pastor was talking about team work, using your gifts and talked about the parable of the 1,2 and 5 Talents. (Matthew 25:14-30)(Click onto this link and then click onto "MP3" following the "Investing 101" message.

So we are listening to the message and our pastor, Michael, gets to a point where he begins to talk about two talent people. He mentions that there is a couple in our congregation that he thinks are solid two talent people. He then begins to mention Joel and my name. WHAT?!!! BLINDSIDED!!! He continues to talk about our recent closing of our business, Joel acquiring another job and this job taking us to Sioux Falls. He then calls us up to pray for us, continues to mention that there is cake following the service, that a picture of the church is available for everyone to sign and then a video is played with pictures of our family "Doing Life" at our church, The Quarry.(The video had 38 Special "Back Where You Belong" playing in the background - Andi, How did you know they were my all time fav band in high school?) WHAT?!!! BLINDSIDED!!! Totally did not see it coming.

First of all, I don't consider myself a two talent person. There are sooooooooo many who should have been on the stage before us and instead of us. We are so blessed and honored to have served alongside so many in our church. We were apart of a team and wanted to serve where God had asked us to. We have learned and have been "built-into" by so many.

It certainly was a blessing to be loved on. THANK YOU to everyone who gave cards, hugs and well wishes. THANK YOU for the celebration! I know I am going to miss so many in our church. Someone much wiser then I, told me that we were going to be able to meet the rest of the "family". Meaning the family of Christ-followers. Some day we will all be in heaven again together, celebrating and doing life! I pray that some day we will get the opportunity to see and maybe serve alongside our existing family again, this side of Heaven! So if you find yourself in Sioux Falls, be sure to stop in and say Hi!

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Jenny and Matt said...

That's great, Lori! I know your service isn't for the glory or attention of others, but I am glad you and Joel were recognized and loved by your church family.

Lori said...

Thanks Jenny and Matt! Your right - I never expected praise for what we had done. We were just being obedient to God's calling and honestly I felt like I muttled it up more times then not! All Glory belongs to God! It is very cool how He has shown me how He has used me in the last ten years or so. INCREDIBLE!!

Jane said...

ahhh...what a wonderful church family you have had.
...and when you get to SC again (and you WILL!) tell me...i will drive down to see you!!!