Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Checking in............

Hello - Yes, I'm still here and alive!! I just have been busy running to the chiropractor. It's amazing how out of wack I really was and how crummy I felt. I now feel much better. My chiro has me on a nutritional program as well. I am still selling Norwex, making greeting cards and occasionally scrapping. Now that summer vacation is half over........WHAT?!! It seems like last week Nicolai was finishing the third grade! I am finally back to having energy to do things with the kids. I took Nicolai to see a movie yesterday. Night at the was cute! I was disappointed at a few spots of the movie that were unnecessary, but all in all it was cute!

Nicolai finally got his hair cut...........a little! His hair is all one length now which looks better. Nicolai will be entering the fourth grade next Sept. He still enjoys his St@r W@rs characters and "acting"! I am still in search of a program to get him into. He now wants to be an actor. I will have to check out the community programs.

Sonja is three and almost potty trained. She does really well during the day, but struggles at night still and sometimes nap!

We finally got the "dog dish" (pop up swimming pool) up! It still needs the filter attached and the pump. Not sure how to do it, so waiting on Daddio to take care of that! It's been cold the last few days, so the pool hasn't been missed!!

Well I hope all is well with blogger friends!

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