Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not much new.....

Hi - I know I have neglected my blog quite a bit lately. I'm busy with various things. I have been doing a few Norwex parties here and there - so thankful for them! They have helped put groceries in our cabinets and in our fridge! I have been putting together a few cards and working on ministry "stuff"!

I'm loving my newly organized home. My husband and I have completed the under-garage and the upper garage. There is nothing in them - lovely!! Life is so much simpler with an organized home! It has felt very freeing!

Onto other stuff....

Nicolai is wrapping up third grade pretty well. He ran into a little bit of trouble on the bus so I pulled him. Yeah! He doesn't think so - it was his social networking, but I am thankful because I don't like the bus! We needed it for a few years, but now that Sonja is not sleeping as much, we can have more flexibility to bring and pick up Nicolai from school. Nicolai's favorite thing to do is read. He has been reading H@rry P0tter books lately. He gets through them pretty quickly.

Sonja is napping less and less. I'm sad about that, but realize she can't stay little forever! She does a great job of imitating her family. She "talks" on the phone like Mom, "Reads" books like Dad and jumps around and dances around like her big brother. She loves to ride her bike.

Joel continues to look for work while wrapping things up at our business. It's taking its toll on him, I think. We will get through this though. This too shall pass!

As I said, I'm busy with various things. Picking up Nicolai from school every day (we share the duty with the neighbor lady and her daughter). Nice! Scrap booking with our church group and some friends. I'm making cards here and there for friends. And also working on Youth flyer information. I'm looking forward to warmer weather! We have gotten a taste of it. It seems that whenever the basketball tourneys are going on - we have bad weather, but once they finish up then the warmer weather comes quickly. Waiting for the B-Ball tourneys to get over with!

Happy Spring to you and yours!!

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