Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Today I was interviewed by a local newsletter. It's called Metro Lutheran. It is a newspaper styled newsletter that goes out monthly to the various Lutheran affiliated churches, schools and organizations. We actually still get this publication, because my husband and I use to attend a Lutheran church. Our SW emailed me and was wondering if we wouldn't mind sharing our adoption stories with the local reporter. She emailed me with various questions three or four times. I was thinking that I would be on the phone for quite some time to be interviewed, so I was hoping that he would call when Sonja was napping or when Joel would be home to help with the kids. Well he called today while Sonja was napping....whew! The phone conversation was less then 5 minutes long! I had to laugh!! My SW was building this up to be this huge thing and then it only lasted a few minutes! Hilarious!!! The reporter was more worried about getting a picture of our family then what I had to say. Who knows what will come of it. The newsletter comes out sometime in February.

Emily note: Nothing new has been found out today. I'm waiting to hear what happened with her MRI this morning!

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Jane-Jane said...

You NEVER know who will read that article...causing them to answer their calling to adopt. Don't doubt for a minute what God will do with one short message. Share your testimony, and share it often...ya just never know!!!