Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blogger Awards (I've been tagged)

Yesterday, I got an "award" and tagged from Maxine over at Nanna's Reflections

From what I understand, I need to "tag and award" five other bloggers. I am going to go against the rules a little and list some that have already been tagged! I'm a little like Julie Andrews in "Sound of Music" - going against the rules!!

1. Cindy, whose blog is called My Ebenezer,. I'm not sure if you will be able to check her blog out or not, she did go private while adopting her two beautiful children! I came across Cindy when I was blog surfing one time and her faith and strength is what attracted me to continue reading. Her and her husband had spent one year of faith raising two beautiful children through the Foster to Adopt program, not knowing if they would be able to raise them forever! This past February they signed final papers to become a family of four forever!!

2. Maxine, whose blog is called Nanna's Reflections. I think Maxine found me and was bold enough to leave me a comment. She has inspired me to go deeper with God. I thought I was pretty deep in my relationship, but she helped me realize that the depths of God are unimaginable! He is bigger then anything we can think of! Maxine, is a grandmother, mother and wife. She is a wise woman, yet despite her wisdom, she teaches us that all of us can continue to learn and grow in our faith! (Because she tagged me, I probably shouldn't tag her, but I'm going to and she doesn't need to re tag people - that's where I go against the rules!!)

3. Next I pick Heidi. Heidi is over at The joys of parenting (almost) twins!
I found Heidi while blog surfing. Her blog is one that I followed daily when I first learned about blogging. She has inspired me to share my story and my life via the internet. Heidi and her husband have recently adopted two boys. First they started with Elijah from Guatemala. While they were waiting for that process to finish and bring Elijah home, they were called to adopt Carter from right here in the States. I believe the boys are only three months apart from each other! Almost Twins!!

4. Update: Here I go again breaking the rules, but for this one I pick three. They are Megan over at Angel Eyes and Natalie over at Our Guatemalan Adoption. I was fortunate to have met both of these gals and their families while in Guatemala. They both have beautiful children and wonderful husbands. Megan and her husband came home with their sweet heart just days after we did and I wish them the best as they continue life with her. Natalie is still waiting to bring their sweet heart, Bella, home! Natalie is going to be visiting her in just a short time. I wish the best to them as they complete the grueling process! I updated to add Kerry - How could I forget Kerry! Sorry girlfriend! When I was writing this, I knew something was missing and couldn't quite put my finger on it until last night while laying in bed. Kerry is another wonderful gal that I met while visiting in Guatemala. Her blog is The Drama Continues....! Kerry and her husband brought home their sweet little boy while I was on my visit trip. We hooked up for dinner, along with Megan and had a blast sharing our stories! I wish them the best. I wish that we all lived closer!

5. Finally, I am breaking the rules again. I "award" or tag all of my fellow blogger friends. I have found a great bit of support and love from each one of them! They have answered questions or have encouraged me along the way! Thank you blogger buddies for your support! Consider yourself tagged if you are reading this! Which brings me to another point. I'm finding out that I have a lot of lurkers!! If you read this blog and haven't left me a comment, please do! I would love to hear from you!! Click on comments choosing "other" and fill in your name and then your comment. You do not need a website to complete the comments section!

So the way I understand it, these bloggers are tagged to do what I've done. I consider them friends I have made along my blogging journey. As others have said, there are more folks I like to visit and who have worthwhile things to say. You can see some of them on my sidebar, but there are even more.

Thanks again, Maxine! You certainly have blessed me with your comments and encouraging words! May God overwhelm you with His love today!

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Maxine said...

Lori, This was such a sweet post. I hope we'll always be blogging friends. As far as making me "think", I'll never forget that phrase I learned from your post last summer that said our children are linked to us "by law and by love." That really sums up adoption doesn't it? And our families can always be a picture of our adoption into God's family, for which we can thank Him and praise Him. I'll probably go visit some of your other friends soon!

Natalie said...

Oh my heavens...this is going to be a tough one! It definitely requires some thinking!

I enjoyed reading your post!

cindy said...

awww! Thanks, friend! That's really sweet and I'll get to mine, too - I promise. Most of my blog is still public, you just have to register to see pics and stuff! You rock!

ginger said...

This was a very sweet post!!

Heidi said...

Thank you so much for tagging me! I actually tagged you back, but I'm pretty sure you don't have to find five people all over again! We're rule breakers, we are! Anyways, I have greatly appreciated our friendship online and I hope to continue it for a very long time!!