Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hookin' Up!

We hooked up with Brian, Megan and Mckenzie yesturday afternoon by the Westin pool. We had a great time chatting and talking adoption, blogs and construction. Brian and Megan are part owners of a contracting business in NC. Of course, Joel and he had to talk construction since we are Electrical contractors!

We hope to see them again today, but they have exciting things happening! They finally received PINK and so they are going to see the Embassy Dr. and talk with the Embassy today to see if they can get their appointment moved closer. We are praying that it does happen!

We also are hoping to hookup with Natalie and her sweet family!

Lot't to get done today......packing, confirming flights, last minute souvenirs, etc. Gotta go!

5 comment(s):

Jenny said...

Headed home tomorrow? HOORAY!!

Lori said...

Jenny - Do you have a web page? I haven't been able to see yours! Thanks for the nice comments! Yes - we go home tomm.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing the dads with their princesses!!!!! Great Pic.
The Tia :)

ginger said...

Glad that you got to meet others. Home in the morning!!!!

Natalie said... was so much fun visiting with you guys today! I sure am glad you stopped by, who knows if we would have ever been able to leave the hotel today. Kennedy is starting to feel better, just a short-term thing, thank goodness.

Good luck tomorrow with everything. We'll be praying that all goes well. Travel safe.

Congratulations! :)