Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Gift...

(Tricia had this great pix idea, so I had to copy! Thanks Tricia)

We had a great day today! Mixed up schedule again, but will get through it. Sonja and I need to say goodbye tommorrow at 5pm. It will be ok, we will be back soon to get her. Please pray the final steps are quick. Thanks for your continued prayers!!

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Andrea said...

so cute!! What a gift she is, too!

congrats on getting out of PGN!! WOO HOOO!!!!

Keep posting those great pictures!!

Marty & Mary Beth Scherr said...

Hi Lori,
Mary Beth here :) I've been praying for you and Dana all along, and I'm just now able to let you know. I'm so thrilled for you and Joel and Nico. Praise God for. . .for everything! I know you've loved Sonja from the start! I don't understand why you have to part with her, but I will pray that that process goes well too. Love ya' bunches. Prayers and Hugs :)

mesha said...

Its been so neat to watch all of this...we are so excited for you! Honnestly I knew that as soon as you go down there that something big was going to happen in the way of getting Sonya to come home...John said he has been praying for that too! She is so adorable!

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...


i'm in room 559. call me. i don't want to bother you cuz i know you just did goodbye.


ginger said...

She is so adorable. Love the pic. I did one like that with Maya only with a big red bow. I am praying for you. I know you are totally lost right now.

Crystal said...


(sorry I am trying to catch up!!! :o)

Definately a gift from God