Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Da flute and loose teeth!

Today my husband is not feeling well. As Nico would say, "he has da fever and da flute!!" Minus da flute - he doesn't have the stomach junk - THANK GOODNESS!! My husband insists on being at our office today. :\ (He needs to learn office etiquette when he is sick!!)

So this morning, Nico was very excited to see Daddy at home and even more excited because he lost(......well with help) his first tooth! Joel and I got home last night from our meeting and my parents had strict instructions that they were to tell Joel (Not mommy) that Grandpa helped pull his tooth out. It was very loose and refused to let go on it's own! He handled it really well unlike my sisters when we were growing up. I learned my lesson early on, (I'm the baby of the family) I didn't allow my father to touch my teeth or get near my mouth! He use to takethe pliers and pull my sisters teeth out when they were loose, but they still put up a huge enough fuss that I will never forget! I would post a picture of his missing tooth, but my camera packed! I'm off to Arizona in a couple of days for the Quinceanera and looking forward to it very much!!

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