Monday, August 07, 2006

Detoured Date!

My husband and I were fortunate enough to hire a babysitter and go on a date. Now I'm not talking about a quickie lunch together or race through a movie and scarf down dinner to get back and get the babysitter home. This was a full blown date! We picked up the babysitter at 1pm and didn't plan on coming home until 8ish or so. We were going to run a care package for Sonja to our social worker in Mpls. and then maybe do some window shopping or whatever we wished. We got approximate 10 miles from home and my truck decided to "act up" AGAIN!! So my wise husband headed straight to the local Chevy dealer and we were praying that 1) we would make it there with the trucks power and not ours 2) that they would have a loner vehicle for us to borrow so that we could continue on our date. PRAISE GOD! Both happened for us. It was Friday afternoon and very busy, but they had one vehicle left that they could lone to us. By the time that we got the loner truck and got headed on the road to our destination one hour had passed. While trying to get to our destination the traffic was so bad, it took us 40 minutes to go 25 miles. We decided not to bring the care package down, I will mail it to her and we ended up having a relaxing time at a movie and a nice Italian dinner. We wanted time together and I guess we got waiting rooms and the parking lot called I94!! We had a good time and were able to enjoy ourselves. Now we are taking bets on how much the truck bill will be this time!! Reminder: last two bills added up to $1600. Yes folks, that is $1600 in one months time! I LOVE MY TRUCK I LOVE MY TRUCK I LOVE MY TRUCK breathe I LOVE MY TRUCK I LOVE MY TRUCK

UPDATE: The dealership called and it is going to only run us $139. We will see how far this gets us! If you haven't noticed, I don't have too much confidence in my truck lately!! It has been a good truck though - several trips with and without us!

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