Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Babe!

This day, this blog entry, is dedicated to my wonderful husband on our anniversary! Remember.......meeting each other for the first time? Our roomies had hooked us up at Be Bop's! Ha! Remember.......the day! Only 10 months after we met, we were tying the knot. It had just gently snowed out. It was sunny and bright. You worked in the morning - of course - you were working with your father and well work happened 6 days a week, it seemed! My girlfriend and I were at the apartment trying to get me ready. We finally headed to the church at approx. 2pm. We had pictures, which I think is a little funny, that we had a set time for pictures and didn't have a professional photographer. We had our friends and family bring their cameras. It was a low budget wedding, but a good one! I am so glad we are not still paying off a wedding loan!! For $1500, I think we pulled it off pretty well. Of course, back then I wanted my dream wedding, but now that I am older and wiser - bah hum bug to the dream wedding! No debt is where it's at! I did get my hand made dress and my Precious Moments cake topper and of course, the best man in the world!! You!
Remember.......the honeymoon! We were given a timeshare slot to Cancun, Mexico from your sister and her husband. It was for Sat. to Sat. and we couldn't get there until Mon., so we had to switch hotels the last two nights of our stay. Our first room and accommodations were messed up, so we were able to get two free meals out of the deal. Which turned out to be a huge blessing, considering we didn't bring enough cash and found out that our credit card wasn't accepted there. It was a low budget honeymoon, but a good one! (Even though we had to survive on Oreos and Coke for two dinners!) We were still ahead, we came home with 99 cents in your pocket!!
Thank you for being a great business partner, friend, volunteer and hubby! Thank you for being my number one support, for supporting me in all of my volunteering, and side gigs. We have seen some bumps and bruises, but I thank God that He has used those to bring us closer and stronger together. I can't wait for PF Chang's today and I can't believe you are actually going there. If you can handle cuisine from Peru, Ecuador and can handle this!! I LOVE YOU.........always and forever!

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margaret said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

John Torkelson said...

Congrats guys! Happy Anniversary!!!!

Stephanie said...

Way to go! Happy Anniversary!

QueenBee said...

awww! Hope you guys had a great anniversary! I haven't had much time to read blogs lately, sorry I missed it!