Sunday, November 27, 2005

You Found Me!

Today I shared my blog info with a girlfriend at church. I'm just wondering if they found me or not?! The truth about not sharing my blog info - I'm insecure about my thoughts and opinions from time to time. I'm the "need to make everyone happy" kinda person. Don't ruffle too many feathers or make waves! I really do hate conflict! I know that this is my blog and what I have to say, can be said regardless of who is reading agrees or not. I just don't want to hear their opinion or comment regarding my blog if it is negative or is put there to try and tear me down! That and I don't know how to get my picture up there or do some of the techy stuff to my site that I would like to do! It's a little frustrating to be computer illiterate! So if you have found me.......well here I am - Now the mystery is over.

2 comment(s):

Chris Good said...

Hey I have the same thought. I guess my thought is now if people can see the real me, the whole me, they will understand me and like me for me. (did I say Me enough?) I have struggled a lot with making everyone happy. So much so I started getting depressed and have a lot of anxiety. I still struggle with this, but hopefully I will use my blog as a tool to open me up.

Congrats on opening up your blog to us...I hope that doesn't mean you stop blogging.

Lori said...

Ok the me thing is kinda confusing! J/K What I put out on the blog-o-world is the true me, but I will be honest there are things that I don't share, just cuz it's not appropriate! Which I would think is the norm for most bloggers! I would hope anyway! So Yes I will probably still blog!