Sunday, August 03, 2014

Left Side

So this post might be too much information for some of you. I apologize in advance! Approximately a year ago, I had fallen ill. The symptoms were similar to the flu, but my left side was the only side that ached or hurt. Since then, I have had various medical issues and they have all affected the left side of my body in one way or another. Weird!

I have been able to rule out heart attack or stroke, but there are times where I have questioned whether I was having or not. Thankfully it has just been a nuisance pain.

My body is changing. I'm experiencing or beginning to experience the mid life changes that are associated with hitting your mid forties or early fifties. I know it's different for each of us woman, regardless - it stinks! Hot flashes can go away as soon as possible, as far as I'm concerned. :/ Yuck!

I just think it is very strange and weird that my left side is being the problem. I have told my doctor - but I think she thinks I'm crazy.......

Oh well, grateful I'm still kicking!

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