Monday, July 14, 2014


So I threw a party for some friends this weekend. They are friends that we got to know (one of the first ones) when we moved to South Dakota. There were close to 40 or so that attended. I got too much food - as always! :/

We had a good time, weather was nice and the kids did really well. So did the dog for that matter, she was setup in our closet (walk-in) with her kennel, music, water and an extra little bed to sleep on. She had toys and snacks. She was just fine. She barked for the first 20 min. but then settled down. She was only in there for a little bit and then was let out as people started to leave.

This party reminded me of the farewell we had back home. They had given us a picture with a large matte around it for people to sign. I still look at that picture from time to time and read what people wrote. Even kids had written on it. It's fun to remember the friendships and the faces.

So I did something similar for our friends. I hope they can get the same warm fuzzy feeling from theirs as I do from ours. A flooding of good memories. They are loved and will be missed.

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