Thursday, February 02, 2012

So Much Change....

What a whirlwind to the end of 2011! So we found a house and moved. We had come across a home that had been dropped in price, it all fell into place so quickly.

Mid October we had looked at a home. The owners had already moved out and it had been on the market for at least 90 days. They had dropped the price. We made an offer, asking to close within three weeks. We countered a few times and finally settled on a price that was seven thousand under the appraised price! Oh yeah! We moved in on Nov 1st.

We are finally settled! It feels good to be home owners again. This home is stuck in the early 90's so we are hoping to upgrade a few minor things as we can afford it! It was nice to be able to move right in and not have to do anything to get in.

We are so grateful for a home and not have to rent and listen to attached neighbors! :)

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Mama Or Not said...

I still check in here every week or so hoping for an update on your beautiful family. Congrats on moving into your home. I know you've been wanting that for a long time. :)